Systematics and ecology of African fishes



We are specialised in the study of African fresh and brackish water fishes in the following areas:

  • taxonomy,
  • phylogeny,
  • biogeography,
  • ecology.


We carry out our field research and study the existing collections which are the most important of their kind of the African region.

We mainly use the following approaches:

  • morphology,
  • osteology,
  • colour pattern analysis,
  • molecular studies in collaboration with the JEMU unit.

The main output consists of descriptions of new species, revisions of species groups, genera and families, and the editing of regional faunas.

Our studies also include aspects of biodiversity conservation, aquaculture and sustainable fisheries. 

Thanks to our expertise, we are an important contributor to FishBase for Africa and to FishBase which is  the largest worldwide database on fishes.
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