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J. Snoeks & A. Getahun

1. Conservation and Management of Freshwaters in a Changing World
R. Abell

2. Advances in African Aquatic Biodiversity Informatics
W. Coetzer & P. H. Skelton

3. Lake Tana’s (Ethiopia) Labeobarbus Species Flock (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae); a Future of Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Exploitation?
M. de Graaf, L. A.J. Nagelkerke, E. Dejen, T. Wudneh, J. W.M. Osse & F. A. Sibbing

4. The Fish Fauna of Lake Victoria during a Century of Human Induced Perturbations
F. Witte, M. A. Kishe-Machumu, O. C. Mkumbo, J. H. Wanink, P. C. Goudswaard, J. C. Van Rijssel, M. J.P. van Oijen

5. The African Fresh and Brackish Water Fish Biodiversity and their Distribution: more unknowns than knowns
J. Snoeks & A. Getahun


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  • Snoeks, J., P. Lalèyè and P. Vandewalle (2007) (eds.) Journal of Afrotropical Zoology - Special issue. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on African Fish and Fisheries, Cotonou, Benin, 10-14 November 2003, 216p.


- Thys van den Audenaerde, D.F.E. L’ichthyologie africaine.
- Abou, Y. and E.D. Fiogbe. Couverture d’Azolla et production du Tilapia du Nil.
- Akin-Oriola, G.A. and L.A. Lawton. Primary detection of microcystins.
- Anetekhai, M.A., G.A. Akin-Oriola, O.J. Aderinola and S.L. Akintola. Trace metals in prawns from Ologe Lagoon, Nigeria.
- Brummett, R.E. and G.G Teugels. Lower Guinea rainforest rivers.
- Darwall, W. and G. Turner. Lake Malawi fish community.
- Dêhotin, U.A., P.A. Lalèyè, A. Dauta and J. Moreau. Facteurs écologiques et poissons du lac Nokoué.
- De Schepper, N., D. Adriaens, G.G. Teugels, S. Devaere and W. Verraes. Vertebral shape variation in Clariidae.
- Fagbenro, O.A., T.T. Akande and O.O Fapohunda. Roselle seed meal in African catfish diets
- Fregene, T.. Poverty and marine fisher-folk in Lagos State.
- Getahun, A.. The Ethiopian freshwater fish fauna.
- Gnohossou, P., P.A. Lalèyè, P. Atachi, C. Dauta and J. Moreau. Salinité et faune benthique du lac Nokoué au Bénin.
- Holzlöhner, S., U.I. Enin, D. Ama-Abasi and F.M. Nwosu. Species composition in Cross River estuary, Nigeria.
- Lalèyè, P. A., M.C. Villanueva, A. Chikou, A. d’Almeida, C. Monteil and J. Moreau. Food consumption of freshwater fish in the Ouémé basin (West Africa).
- Lalèyè, P. A., M.C. Villanueva, M. Entsua-Mensah and J. Moreau. Aquatic living resources in the Gulf of Guinea lagoons.
- Lalèyè, P.A., A. Ezin, P. Vandewalle, J.-C. Philippart and G.G Teugels. La pêche dans le fleuve Ouémé (Bénin).
- Niyonkuru, C., P.A. Lalèyè, M.C. Villanueva and J. Moreau. Growth and mortalities of fish of Lake Nokoué (Bénin).
- Nunoo, F.K.E. Fish biodiversity threatened by beach seine fisheries in Ghana.
- Omitoyin, B.O. and E.K. Ajani. Feeding habits and heavy metal accumulation in fishes of Lake Eleiyele, Nigeria.
- Schelly, R.. Lamprologine morphology
- Scott, L.E.P., P.H. Skelton, A.J. Booth, L. Verheust, J. Dooley and R. Harris. An Atlas of Southern African Freshwater Fishes.
- Imorou Toko, I. and E.D. Fiogbe. Comparaison de différents aliments chez les larves de Clarias gariepinus.
- Imorou Toko, I., E.D. Fiogbe and P. Kestemont. Élevage en “whedo” au Bénin.
- Villanueva, M.C., P.A. Lalèyè, R. Laë, J.-J. Albaret, L. Tito De Morais, M. Simier and J. Moreau. Preliminary trophic flow models of two West African lagoons.
- Lalèyé, P. and C. Lévêque. Conclusions générales..

Price: € 22.50


  • Stiassny, M.L.J., G.G. Teugels and C.D. Hopkins (2007) (eds.) The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of Lower Guinea, West-Central Africa Volume 1 / Poissons d’eaux douces et saumâtres de basse Guinée, ouest de l’Afrique centrale Tôme 1. Coll. Faune et flore tropicales. Muséum national d'histoire naturelle, Paris, France, Musée royal de l'Afrique Central, Tervuren, Belgium and Institut de Recherche de Développement, Paris, France, 800p.

The current bilingual fauna provides a summary of the taxonomy and distribution of the fresh and brackish water fishes of the Lower Guinean ichthyofaunal province of West-Central Africa. The work covers an area of approximately 680,000 square kilometers along the West coast of central Africa and includes all of the main drainages from the Cross River in southern Nigeria to the Angolan province of Cabinda and the Republic of Congo. The region is highly biogeographically distinctive and is home to more than 580 fish species, of which more than half appear to be endemic.
The present study is a continuation of the volume on the Fishes of West Africa published in this series in 2003.
The book is arranged taxonomically by family and with practical keys to all genera and species. For each species an illustration and a concise description summarizing the important morphological features are provided along with distribution maps for freshwater species.
While loss of rainforest throughout the region is evident and parts of Lower Guinea remain to be fully explored,  this work provide the ecologists, fisheries managers and decision makers with an invaluable tool for the preservation of the ecosystems of this region. We hope that this publication will provide a useful framework and stimulant for such studies.

Price: volumes one and two - € 90



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