Taxonomy and zoogeography of African birds

ornitoWe are specialised in taxonomy (description and classification) and the study of the geographic distribution of tropical African birds. 

Research activities:

  • birds of equatorial Africa (mainly from Cameroon and the DRC),
  • birds from the Comoros archipelago. 

Five new species were described by Michel Louette: three from the DRC, one from Liberia and one from the Comoros archipelago. (1)

Our activities also cover applied ornithology.  We contribute to the scientific expertise of the Washington convention, also known as  CITES  and to identifying birds after collisions with aircraft.   

Our work is mainly aimed at helping to preserve biodiversity and sustainable development in the regions studied.  In this context,  we provide expertise to IUCN and to BirdLife.

(1) Puffinus temptator LOUETTE & HERREMANS,1985; Caprimulgus prigoginei LOUETTE,1990; Melignomon eisentrauti LOUETTE,1981; Zoothera lippensi PRIGOGINE & LOUETTE,1984 & Ploceus ruweti LOUETTE & BENSON,1982


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