Boden, G & Teugels, G.G. 2004. ‘Twelve years of FishBase: lessons learned’.
Category :  Article in a scientific Journal / Article in a Journal
Abstract :  Abstract: FishBase is an extensive database with information on fishes that was started in 1990 and that is available on the internet since 1998. The number of hits increased from a few 100.000 in 1999 to more than 4 million in August 2002. Most users are individuals searching for information by common name. Researchers are also intensively using FishBase since they visit the specialized topics. Due to their limited number, it is obvious that their user sessions are relatively less numerous compared to those of the individuals. FishBase is trying not to duplicate information that is already available on the internet. It rather gives species-level links to these particular pages, mainly other databases and distribution maps. FishBase has a 'science first' attitude, ie. information is based on cited scientific publications. Keywords: FishBase; Biodiversity; Internet.
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