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Neomelambrotus namaquensis Tjeder

Additional information
Familia: Ascalaphidae
Order: Neuroptera
Validity: 1
Why Invalid: Name valid
Valid name: Neomelambrotus namaquensis
Locality: Baviaans Kop
Country: South Africa
Lat/Long: 28.56S / 17.49E
Published in
Title: The Ascalaphidae of the Afrotropical Region (Neuroptera). 1. External morphology and bionomics of the family Ascalaphidae, and taxonomy of the subfamily Haplogleniinae including the tribes Proctolyrini n. tribe, Melambrotini n. tribe, Campylophlebini n. tribe, Tmesibasini n. tribe, Allocormodini n. tribe, and Ululomyiini n. tribe of Ascalaphidae.
Author: Tjeder, B.
Publication: Entomologica Scandinavica, Supplement
Year: 1992
Language: English English
Volume pages: 41:3-169
Specimens available worldwide