African Geographic Pictures Collection

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The African Geopgraphic Pictures collection currently gathers 2778 records and 2659 pictures.


The 'African Geographic Pictures' database started as a rescue programme for analog pictures and slides, deposited in the Geomorphology Section of the Agriculture and Forestry Division of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. These pictures, collected during scientific missions in Africa over the last thirty years, are currently moved to digital format to prevent loss by physical deterioration. This electronic album is now accessible through selected queries. New images are constantly being added.


The 'African Geographic Pictures' database is more than a simple collection of pictures. The associated metadatas lever the database into an instrument of scientific vulgarization and information transfer. Many pictures from the earth science domains are in fact scientific records. Other pictures are simple illustrations of typical situations, conditions, people… The documentation is useful for scholars, undergraduate students and researchers. People visiting Africa for the first time might find some useful information in this database.

Domains and geographical coverage

The domains covered by the 'African Geographic Pictures database' are in line with the mission statement of the RMCA's agricultural section. This statement highlights the need to study aspects of agriculture in Africa, related to sustainability of agriculture in an environment where natural resource depletion is eminent.

The master themes of the images are:

   1) Sustainability in agriculture and forestry,
   2) Hazardous geomorphic events,
   3) Physical geography,
   4) Human geography.

Technical note

Some images might need higher precision, more natural colouring or other technical perfections for publication. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need pictures of higher quality.


You can freely use the pictures as illustrations in your presentations, papers or courses ... When an image is opened; its correct bibliographic reference appears. Contact us if this reference is incomplete or lacking


This collection is maintained and updated by Dr Jan Moeyersons. All complaints, questions or inquiries should be mailed to