African Geographic Pictures Collection

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Use : The African Geographic Pictures database can be consulted in ENGLISH !

  • You can, off course, browse the database by feature, country or locality. But the enhanced search makes the exploration of the database much more exciting. Therefore, open the multi criteria search engine and open one or more predefined fields (feature, locality, region/tribe, country, physiographic region, grouping, discipline). However, not all combinations do exist, and some might even be meaningless. Let's take an example: select 'dune' in the 'feature' field and 'Rwanda' in the 'country' field.
  • Press the search button. Because no dunes have been pictured in Rwanda, there appears no picture. Returning to the first page, emptying the 'country' field (first empty line in the look-up list) and maintaining only 'dune' in the 'feature' field will give, after pressing the search button, 11 image thumbnails. Click on a thumb to enlarge the image and to find a brief comment and the bibliographic reference. Go back to the 'result' page to open the next selected image.
  • But the database contains much more pictures related to the feature 'dune'. If you go back to the first page for a new search you can find all related pictures by filling in 'dune' in the ‘search the entire database’ case.
  • Pushing 'search' gives 68 records!
  • Off course, a key-word can be combined with a query selected from one or more predefined fields. But with an increasing number of combinations, the number of solutions will decrease.

We wish you a nice time with the African Geographic Pictures collection.