Scientific personnel

  • Thierry De Putter, head of service, geology and metallogeny of supergene ore deposits, minerals trade.
  • Daniel Baudet, geology of Bas-Congo, geology of the Kasaï, geology of Kibaran terrains in the region of Rwanda and Burundi.
  • Damien Delvaux, geodynamics of the Great Rift Valley and the Congo Basin, active tectonics and seismic hazards, petroleum resources.
  • Stijn Dewaele, geology and metallogeny of pegmatitic Sn-Ta-W massifs (East DRC).
  • Max Fernandez-Alonso, geology of the Kibaran belt (East DRC, Rwanda, Burundi).
  • Pascale Lahogue, geology and urban hazards (Kinshasa, Bushimayie).
  • Jean-Paul Liégeois, Saharan geology, particularly the Tuareg Shield.
  • Gérard Nimpagaritse, geology and geological cartography of Burundi.
  • Théodore Trefon, environmental governance and risk perception in the DRC.

Technical and administrative personnel

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