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3080 Tervuren - Belgium
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Focus on Research

r-liesbet-jacobs-landslides-sm.jpg Dangerous but often overlooked: landslides in tropical Africa March 2018
r-schistosomiasis-dna-sm.jpg Parasite genetics may hold key to schistosomiasis treatment February 2018
r-zoropsis-sm.jpg Kid finds exotic spider in Wallonia November 2017
r-tiger-mosquito-sm.jpg Tiger mosquitoes to be placed under tight scrutiny in Belgium October 2017
R-ocyale-sm.jpg New spider species given name of Jon Snow's dire wolf in Game of Thrones October 2017
R-woodtraining-sm.jpg Improving wood product inspections September 2017
r-map-drc-sm.jpg A new geological map for the DR Congo August 2017
r-georisca-2016-sm.jpg New tools against natural hazards in Central Africa
December 2016
r-gryseelsi-sm.jpg A spider named after our director!
October 2016
r-wood-analysis-sm.jpg New worm species named in honour of David Attenborough!
August 2016
r-wood-analysis-sm.jpg Wood analysis on 5000-year-old Egyptian beds
December 2015
r-provinces-sm.jpg Decentralisation and Monographs of the new DR Congo Provinces
November 2015
r-schistosomiasis-senegal-sm.jpg Dam constructions in Senegal favour spread of schistosomiasis
October 2015
R-termitemounds-sm.jpg The large termite mounds in Katanga are more than 2000 years old!
September 2015
r-cartesius-sm.jpg Cartesius September 2015
r-newspiders-sm.jpg Three new spider species have mysterious glands July 2015
r-xylaredd2015-sm.jpg The RMCA welcomes 130 experts during international tropical wood symposium June 2015
r-worms-fishes-sm.jpg Worms set the story straight about the evolutionary history of their host May 2015
r-nikis-sm.jpg Retracing the history of the people of Central Africa through copper March 2015

Core samples help reconstruct past environments

 February 2015


AfReSlide project: landslides in Equatorial Africa

 January 2015


What's in a name? Everything if you're a fruit fly

 December 2014


Burundi's soil map digitised

 October 2014


Fruit fly identification key

 September 2014


Biodiversity in the Congo basin

 July 2014


‘Africa Beyond Africa: The Future of Cultural, Social and Scientific Research’ International Conference

 June 2014


DNA and larvae reveal time of death

 January 2014


305 new animal species in two years!

 October 2013

R-mauddevos-sm.jpg Describing and comparing African languages

 August 2013

R-wanneshubeau-sm.jpg Charcoal and history of vegetation

 June 2013

R-fishbase2013-sm.jpg African researchers take part in a fish taxonomy training course

 May 2013

R-3d-sm.jpg 3D supports our heritage and scientific research

 April 2013

R-poesiepolitique-sm.jpg Congolese political poetry (1959-1966)

 March 2013

R-toirambe-sm.jpg Saving an endangered tree species using anatomy and dendrochronology

 January 2013

R-hortipes-sm.jpg Funny eye spider with "magic" copulatory organs

 December 2012

R-georisca-sm.jpg Geo-risks in Central Africa

 November 2012

R-remyjadinon-sm.jpg From traditional to popular music

 September 2012

R-cdrwanda-sm.jpg Bell and bow hunting songs

 June 2012

R-spider-nimba-sm.jpg In action for Mount Nimba's biodiversity!

 May 2012

R-hepsetus-sm.jpg New fish species discovered

 April 2012

R-xray-sm.jpg New X-ray scanner for the study of zoological specimens

 March 2012

R-petalia-sm.jpg Cerebral asymmetries common to humans and African apes

 January 2012

R-nyiragongo-sm.jpg Large scale expedition to the heart of Nyiragongo

 December 2011

R-millipede-sm.jpg Some millipedes need good vibrations to mate

 November 2011

R-michellier-sm.jpg Human impacts of volcanoes

 October 2011

R-lincaocnet-sm.jpg Edible insects in West and Central Africa

 September 2011

jocquenewspecies1 New spider species produce their own anti-ant gel

 July 2011

choltic-plisnier-archives Cholera outbreaks and climate change

 June 2011

birgitricquier2 Birgit Ricquier - languages and cuisine

 May 2011

benoitsmets1 Benoît Smets – Winner of the 2011 Belgian Vocation Foundation grant

 April 2011

r-fumigationjocque.jpg Back From Africa - Rudy Jocqué (non-insect invertebrates)

 March 2011

R-couttenier-sm_mar11 Maarten Couttenier in the footsteps of Joseph Maes and Charles Lemaire

 February 2011

R-cooleman-sm.jpg EOL Rubenstein Fellows Award for Stijn Cooleman January 2011    
R-congorives-sm CONGORIVES
All DR Congo-related scientific research projects – in a click of the mouse
December 2010


RMCA contributed to major conservation paper (article SCIENCE Dec.2010))
Impact of conservation efforts on the status of the world’s vertebrates

December 2010
R-glissement-sm.jpg Natural Disaster Database for Central Africa November 2010
R-cinemacolonial-small Colonial Cinema October 2010
R-nimpagaritse-small.jpg Back from Africa - Gerard Nimpagaritse (Geology) September 2010
Back from Africa - Jurate De Prins (Entomology) August 2010
R-termite-sm.jpg The termite is king of the savannah August 2010
R-filmheritage-sm Central African Film Heritage
Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, 1912 - 1960
July 2010
R-congoriver-small  Expedition Congo River 2010 has come to an end June 2010


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