Human Sciences

***While the museum building is closed for
renovation, scientific research continues at Tervuren.***

The Royal Museum of Central Africa studies the past, present, functioning and production of African societies and the people who constitute them. Our scientists mainly carry out research on:


  • prehistory and archaeology,
  • peoples and their cultural productions,
  • colonial history,
  • political systems,
  • rituals,
  • languages,
  • music.

Work on the ground and the study of objects and archives are essential without forgetting the acquisition and management of the collections.

Through its research and the distribution of its work, the museum contributes to increased knowledge of past and present African societies. 

For most of its scientific projects, the museum works together with Belgian, African and international scientific institutions.  

The department includes four services:


Also read the RMCA Annual report 2016 (pdf 15 MB), or a detailled report of the Cultural Anthropology and History departement (pdf - 2.8 MB).

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