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Henry M. Stanley : Some Milestones

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Stanley sitting on a desk and writing with a quill, 13.9x10, mounted on cardboard, in duplicate

Copyright © King Baudouin Foundation Collection / Royal Museum for Central Africa

-   1841: Born and baptized John Rowlands, in Denbigh, Wales.
-   1847-56: Resident of St Asaph Union Workhouse outside Denbigh.
-   1859 : Arrives in New Orleans, Louisiana.
-   1861-65: Among other things participates into the American Civil War, first in the Confederate Army and then in both the Union Army and Navy.
-    1865-66: Works as a freelance reporter for the Missouri Democrat.
-   1866: Travels to Turkey with two friends.
-   1867: Rehired by the Missouri Democrat to cover American Indian events.
-   1868: Covers the British campaign against Abyssinian Emperor Téwodros for the New York Herald.
-   1869-70: Reports on the civil war in Spain for The New York Herald.  Travels from Egypt to India on assignment.
-    1871-72: Mission in Eastern Africa in search of Dr. David Livingstone. Success brings him both criticism and fame.
-    1873-74: Travels in Gold Coast to cover British operations against the Asante Kingdom for the New York Herald.
-    1874-77: Crosses Africa from the East Coast to the Westward Coast with financial support from the London Daily Telegraph and The New York Herald.
-    1878: King Leopold II of Belgium hires Stanley to create stations along the Congo River.
-    1879-84: In two segments builds stations along the Lower and Upper for Léopold’s Comité d’études du Haut-Congo.
-    1884-85: Participates in the Berlin Conference as a member of the American delegation.
-    1885-87: Travels and lectures in Europe.
-    1887–90: Leads the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition through the Congo to the East Coast.
-    1890: Marries Dorothy Tennant at Westminster Abbey.
-    1890-92: Travels and lectures in the United States and Australia.
-    1893-94: Quiet Years
-    1895: Elected as a Liberal Unionist Member of Parliament, North Lambeth District.
-    1896: Adopts his (eventually only) child, Denzil.
-    1897-98: Travels to South Africa to celebrate the opening of the railway to Bulawayo, Rhodesia.
-    1899: Receives the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath from Queen Victoria.
-    1900: Leaves Parliament.
-    1904: Dies at the family home in Furze Hill, Pirbright Surrey, on May 10.


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