Heritage studies


Scientific personnel

  • Els Cornelissen, service and department head, archaeologist
    Late Stone Age in Central Africa
  • Laurence Garenne-Marot, archaeologist
    Ancient copper metallurgy in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Birgit Ricquier, linguist
    Bantu, Kongo, historical linguistics, culinary history, African precolonial history.
  • Alexandre Livingstone Smith, archaeologist
    Archaeological and contemporary earthenware in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Julien Volper, art historian
    Study of ethnographic museum collections (Central Africa). Masks and sculptures of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Research associates and students

  • NoĆ©mie Arazi, PhD, consultant impact studies in subsaharan Africa
  • Viviane Baeke, PhD, anthropologist. Systems of thought and ritual in Central Africa. Study of material cultures and objects used in these ritual contexts
  • Anne-Marie Bouttiaux, PhD, anthropologist and art historian. Masks, dance, contemporary art, history of ethnographic collections and museums
  • Louis Champion, PhD student UCLondon, archaeobotany West Africa
  • Els Cranshof, PhD student Ugent-ULB, pre 1800 AD-pottery Bas-Congo
  • Pierre de Maret, PhD, professor, ULB, archaeologist. Iron age and historical periods in Central Africa
  • Olivier Gosselain, PhD, professor, ULB, anthropologist. Ethnographic earthenware in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Geoffroy Heimlich, PhD. Rock art related to the Kongo Kingdom
  • Nicolas Nikis, research fellow FNRS-ULB, archaeology, copper metallurgy in Central Africa

Administrative and technical personnel and volunteers

  • Nadine Devleeschouwer
    Management of the archaeology specialist library, administrative support.
  • Alexander Vral
    Physical management of archaeological collections and archives.
  • Dominique Tenaerts
    Digitisation and detailed inventory of archaeological archives


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