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  • Cahiers africains
    The RMCA publishes, in association with L’Harmattan in Paris, Les Cahiers africains since 1993. Les Cahiers africains replaced the series Les Cahiers du CEDAF (1971-1992).

    The main purpose of this publication is:
    - to provide information on and insight into the political changes taking place in Africa (especially in Congo/Kinshasa and the rest of the former Belgian Africa)
    - to provide tools for researchers (i.e. descriptive reports of events, publication of original documents, chronologies, biographies of actors, bibliographies…)
    - to analyse Belgo-African relations.

    The publications appearing in this series are subject to a peer review process.

    - Contact: Isabelle Gerard (Publication Service)
    - To consult the list of 'Cahiers africains', go to the RMCA publications search engine, and select ‘Contemporary history’ under ‘Series’ and ‘Cahiers africains’ under ‘Sub-series’.
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  • Conjonctures
    In collaboration with the Centre of Expertise for Central Africa (CRe-AC), the RMCA began publishing in 2012 an annual book called 'Conjonctures congolaises' in the 'Cahiers africains' series. This selection, edited by Stefaan Marysse (CRe-AC) and Jean Omasombo Tshonda (RMCA) presented chronicles for the past year (a description of key events in chronological order, with brief analysis and interpretation), progress reviews (critical analysis of the actions of national and international bodies in the public and private sector) and reports (updates on critical issues for the period).
    Starting with the 2017 volume (to be released in 2018), this sub-series will be renamed ‘Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale’ and expand coverage to more countries (Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda in addition to the DRC. It will also begin accepting texts in English. A new team of editors, namely Aymar Nyenyezi Bisoka (CRe-AC), Stef Vandeginste (IOB Antwerp), and An Ansoms (UCL and CRe-AC), will also take over this year.
    Each volume is the subject of a presentation to Parliament at the time of publication.

    - To submit an article for this sub-series, consult the 2018 call.
    - To consult the list of 'Cahiers africains', go to the RMCA publications search engine and enter ‘conjonctures’ under ‘title’.
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  • Outre-Mers
    This collection is directed by Michel Dumoulin (Catholic University of Louvain, UCL) and Patricia Van Schuylenbergh (RMCA), supported by an international editorial board, and published by P.I.E. Peter Lang. It is open to monographs, the results of collaborative research, editions of documents and working tools which can be used to shed new light on issues concerning relations between Europe and other parts of the world, particularly Africa, and facilitate the use of little-known sources. It aims to take a cross-disciplinary approach within a historical perspective. 

    - To consult the published works and to order: http://www.peterlang.com/
    - For publication proposals: contact Patricia Van Schuylenbergh.
  • ‘Provinces’ Project
    In collaboration with numerous Congolese partners, the RMCA is working on an ambitious research project on the new administrative zoning in the DRC. The twofold objective of the project is to present monographs of the new provinces and think strategically about the viability of the decentralisation process. Thus, a comprehensive tool that can be used in the efficient management of the old and new provinces can be made available to national and provincial Congolese authorities as well as parties involved in development cooperation in Belgium and the DRC.

    - Project leader: Jean Omasombo Tshonda
    - Monographies des nouvelles provinces
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