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  • Immersion in Archives and African Scholars in Residence programs
    • Immersion in Archives Program
      Every other year, the Section History and Politics of the RMCA organizes an Immersion in Archives Program for researchers under 45, from Sub-Saharan countries, holding a Master’s Degree in Human Sciences and registered in a Pre-Doctoral, Doctoral or Post-Doctoral University Program. During their six-weeks residence, the assigned objective is the study of the Museum’s collections and historical archives from a new perspective.
    • African Scholars in residence
      Subsequent to this Program, up to half of these former participants to the Immersion in Archives Program may be awarded a grant for a Three-Month Research and Writing Residence at the RMCA.

      In each case, the selected candidates are offered a grant covering transportation, housing and subsistence costs.

      External partnenrs: DGD, Foreign Affairs Archives & Library, General Archives of the Kingdom, Universities.

      Contact : Mathilde Leduc-Grimaldi 
      More info
      Visit the specific Facebook page and feel free to ask questions.
  • Training for teachers and trainee teachers
    The Education and Culture Service, in collaboration with the History and Politics Service, provides training to history teachers in the 5th and 6th grades of secondary school, to ensure that they are able to deal in a nuanced fashion with the complex theme of colonisation and decolonisation in the Congo. The aims are as follows: to improve knowledge of the period of Belgian colonisation of Congo, to encourage reflection on contemporary issues addressed by the institution, and to provide approaches to work in the classroom. Teachers have a chance to try out educational tools and are also able to discover the marks left by colonisation on the Brussels landscape (in the Palais Royal and Matongé districts). The educational publication and CD Rom CONGO: colonisation / décolonisation. L’histoire par les documents is given to every participant.
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  • Trainings for students in the historical collections
    Get a thrill and an experience while sharing our activities on an unpaid volunteer basis. Try your hand under the control of a scientific staff member. As an example, these activities recently focused on: preparing exhibitions; researching items or collections (paintings, photographs, movies, postal or navy history, etc.) earmarked for subsequent publications or exhibitions. Students from Belgian universities (ULB, UCL, etc.) as well as foreign ones are welcomed here upon conditions.
    Should you be interested in internship or volunteer opportunities, feel free to send an email + résumé detailing your background and interests to Patricia Van Schuylenbergh.
  • Doctoral students at the Library of Independent Congo
    Congolese doctoral students regularly undertake internships lasting two to three months at the Library of Independent Congo in order to enhance their doctoral thesis through the consultation of its rich holdings and the close contact they can enjoy with the scientific staff.
    Contact: Jean Omasombo Tshonda and Mathieu Zana Etambala.
  • Collaboration with the Centre for Policy Studies (CEP) in Kinshasa, the Centre for Documentary Studies and Research on Central Africa (CERDAC) in Lubumbashi and the DR Congo Centre for Geological and Mining Research (CRGM) in Kinshasa
    Since 2008, the RMCA, in collaboration with CEP in Kinshasa, CERDAC in Lubumbashi and the CRGM in Kinshasa, and supported by the Belgian Development Cooperation, has engaged in a research programme on Congolese decentralisation.
    The RMCA has provided logistical support to CEP and CERDAC, enabling them to establish a library. Researchers from CEP and CERDAC regularly stay at the RMCA to further their research. Seminars are held at CEP or CERDAC by Jean Omasombo Tshonda.
    Coordinator: Jean Omasombo Tshonda
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