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Purification and millenarism in Zaïre: a case study in the socio-medical and magico-religious practice of the Kongo of Zaïre.
Year: 1973     Author: KIMPIANGA kia MAHANIAH
Purity and Exile: Violence, Memory, and National Cosmology among Hutu Refugees in Tanzania.
Year: 1995     Author: MALKKI Liisa H.
Putting empty dumpty to stop war in DRC. (document en français)
Year: 2002     Author:
Putting Humpty Dumpty Together: Reconstructing Peace in the Congo.
Year: 1999     Author: PRENDERGAST John ; SMOCK David
Putting the new aid paradigm to work: challenges for monitoring and evaluation.
Year: 2005     Author: HOLVOET Nathalie ; RENARD Robrecht
PV de la réunion des partis membres de l'AMP en vue de la formation du gouvernement, Kinshasa le 10/10/2008.
Year: 2008     Author:
PV de l'audience accordée à la Commission d'enquête par le Président de l'ACL-PT.
Year: 2000     Author:
PV du 08/08/2000.
Year: 2000     Author: