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The Global Cash Crunch. An Examination of Debt and Development.
Year: 1992     Author:
The Impact of Toronto and Trinidad terms on SPA countries.
Year: 1991     Author:
The Multilateral Development Banks. Volume 1. The African Development Bank.
Year: 1996     Author: ENGLISH E. Philip ; MULE Harris M.
The New Politics of Taxation and Accountability.
Year: 2002     Author: MOORE Mick ; RAKNER Lise (eds)
Third World Debt Crisis: A Threat to World Trade and Financial Systems.
Year: 1988     Author: CLAIRMONTE Frederick ; CAVANAGH John
Third World Debt: How Sustainable are Current Strategies and Solutions?
Year: 1989     Author: O'NEIL Helen (editor)
Touche P.A.S. à mon C.F.A.
Year: 1992     Author:
Towards a more market oriented approach to credit and savings for the poor.
Year: 1991     Author: JACKELEN Henry R. ; RHYNE Elisabeth
TUNISIE: Balance des paiements. Dossier de presse et articles divers.
Year: 1960-1983     Author:
TUNISIE: Les relations avec le marché financier international. Dossier de presse.
Year: 1978     Author:
Un bilan de la dévaluation du franc CFA.
Year: 1996     Author: ALIBERT Jacques
Un pari gagné pour Kabila et Muzito. 7,35 milliards de dollars américains de dette accumulés en RD Congo...
Year: 2011     Author: NGYALUKA Martinez
Vade Mecum du contribuable.
Year: 2000     Author: KAKONGE KAMANGUSAKALA Jean
Vade-mecum des responsables de la Gestion Financière et du Patrimoine de l'UNAZA.
Year: 1973     Author:
Valeurs cotées aux bourses belges.
Year: 1959     Author: