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U.N.R.: des ombres au tableau.
Year: 1989     Author: GASANA Anastase
U.S. Committee for Refugees Site Visit Notes. Site Visit to Eastern Cogo/Zaire: Analysis of Humanitarian and Political Issues.
Year: 1997     Author: BEDFORD Eleanor
U.S. Foreign Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa: National Interest and Global Strategy.
Year: 1978     Author: PRICE M. Robert
U.S. interests in Africa. Hearings before the Subcomittee on Africa of the Committee on Foreign Affairs; House of Representatives; Ninety-sixth Congress; First Session; October 16-18-19-22-24-25-29; November 13 and 14 1979.
Year: 1980     Author:
U.S. Military and Corporate Recolonization of the Congo.
Year: 2000     Author: RAY Ellen
U.S. Policy in the Great Lakes: A Critical Perspective.
Year: 1998     Author: LEMARCHAND René
U.S. Policy, the UN and the Congo.
Year: 1967     Author: LEFEVER Ernest W.
U.S.-Zaïre Relations: A Case of Imperialism?.
Year: 1977     Author: TURNER Thomas
Ubangi. Art et culture au coeur de l'Afrique.
Year: 2007     Author: GROOTAERS Jan-Lodewijk (sous la dir de)
Ubu au Zaïre.
Year: 1972     Author:
Ubwile bwa babwile ba kwa mpweto - kanyamabumba. Les Babwile du Terreitoire de Pweto 1600-1900. Essai d'historiographie)
Year: 1972-1973     Author: KALUNGWE MANKUNGA
Uchaguzi wa rais ya sehenmu ya pili na wa wateule majimboni katika RDC. Namma gani kuzunguka ndani ya ofisi ya uchaguzi ? (affiche).
Year: 2006     Author:
UDPS/USA : Documents divers.
Year: 1998     Author:
UDPS: Le vade-mecum du combattant. 1
Year: 2003     Author: KAMPETENGA LESENGU B.M.
Uele nil (1895-1897) - Conférence donné par le Colonel Chaltin.
Year: 2006     Author: CHALTIN