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7 references related to the following plant

Official name: Grewia occidentalis L.f.
Family: Tiliaceae

Reference HB 40
Author: Bryant, A.T.
Title: Zulu medicine and medicine-men. C. Struik, ,1966. CapeTown (originally published in 1909 in the Ann. Natal Mus.). : from references HG 50, HB 50, HC 26, HL 22
Symptoms: H(033)
Recipes: H(033) infertility, roots of Grewia occidentalis, RNS.
(registered from reference HS 32 ) (Journal of Ethnopharmacology 86 (2003) 97–108)
Region: South Africa
Country: South Africa
Vernacular name: iklolo (Zulu), cross-berry (English)

Reference HC 22
Author: Chinsembu, K. C., M. Hedimbi
Title: An ethnobotanical survey of plants used to manage HIV/AIDS opportunistic infections in Katima Mulilo, Caprivi region, Namibia Journal of Ethnobiology ans Ethnomedicine, 6:25 (2010)
Symptoms: H(100)
Recipes: H(100) HIV/AIDS opportunistic infections : ONS., RNS.
Region: West Africa
Country: Namibia (Caprivi region
Vernacular name: not registered

Reference HG 13
Author: Grierson, D.S. & A.J. Afolayan
Title: An ethnobotanical study of plants used for the treatment of wounds in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 67, pp. 327- 332, (1999)
Symptoms: H(004)
Recipes: H(004) wound, infusion of small twigs and leaves of Grewia occidentalis, local application
Region: South Africa
Country: South Africa
Vernacular name: umnqabaza, unvileni, umqaqoba

Reference HK 52
Author: Kokwaro, J. O.
Title: Some common african herbal remedies for skin diseases: with special reference to Kenya Medicinal and poisonous plants of the tropics. Proceedings of symposium of the 14th International botanical congress, Berlin, 24 july - 1 august 1987, 44-69, (1987)
Symptoms: H(004)
Recipes: H(004) wound, leaves of Grewia occidentalis, burnt and the ash used, contain alkaloids.
Region: East Africa
Country: Kenya
Vernacular name: aroya (Luo), chomisiat (Por), ekeli (Tur), mutuva (Kamba), ol-neligwe (Masai)

Reference HM 58
Author: Mabogo, D.E.N.
Title: The ethnobotany of the Vhavenda. MSc Thesis, University of Pretoria. (1990) appendix from the Thesis
Symptoms: H(100), H(095)
Recipes: H(100) syphilis, roots of Grewia occidentalis, whole plant of Tribulus terrestris, RNS
H(095) leaves as vegetable
Region: South Africa
Country: South Africa (Venda country)
Vernacular name: mulembu (Venda)

Reference VD 17
Author: Dold, A.P. & M.L. Cocks
Title: Traditional veterinary medicine in the Alice district of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. South African Journal of Science 97 , 375–379. (2001)
Symptoms: V(117)
Recipes: Vb(117) leaves of Grewia occidentalis, mixed with the leaves of Olea europaea subsp. africana and Zanthoxylon capense and the sap of Aloe ferox, are soaked in cold water and used to treat stock with gallsickness
Region: South Africa
Country: South Africa (Alice district)
Vernacular name: umnqabaza

Reference VS 22
Author: Soyelu, O.T. & P.J. Masika
Title: Traditional remedies used for the treatment of cattle wounds and myiasis in Amatola Basin, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, 76:393–397 (2009)
Symptoms: V(004)
Recipes: Vb(004) wounds, infusion of leaves and twigs of Grewia occidentalis used as a lotion for wounds
Region: South Africa
Country: South Africa (Amatola Basin, Eastern Cape Province)
Vernacular name: umnqabasa