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Official name: Guarea cedrata (A.Chev.) Pellegr.
Family: Meliaceae

Reference HJ 08
Author: Jiofack, T., l. Ayissi, C. Fokunang, N. Guedje and V. Kemeuze
Title: Ethnobotany and phytomedicine of the upper Nyong valley forest in Cameroon African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Vol. 3(4). pp. 144-150, April, 2009
Symptoms: H(100), H(104), H(113), H(123), H(124), H(173), H(179)
Recipes: H(100) gonorrhoea, H(104) stomach-ache, H(113) rheumatism, H(123) food poisoning, H(124) bleeding after childbirth, H(173) leprosy, H(179) kidney pain, barks of Guarea cedrata, RNS.
Region: Central Africa
Country: Cameroon (upper Nyong valley forest)
Vernacular name: not communicated by the authors