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2 plants found in 2 references for the following symptom

Symptom: V(048x)
Description: footrot

1 reference(s) for Hippobromus pauciflorus (L.f.) Radlk.
Official name: Hippobromus pauciflorus (L.f.) Radlk.
Family: Sapindaceae
Reference VB 37
Author: Bishop C.
Title: Herbal remedies for cattle. Farmers Weekly, June pp. 6-10 (1997) (from ref: VD 17)
Symptoms: V(048x)
Recipes: V(048x) a leaf decoction used to treat footrot in the Eastern Cape. (From : Bishop C. (1997). Herbal remedies for cattle. Farmers Weekly,13 June, 6–10) (From : VD 17)
Region: South Africa
Country: South Africa (Eastern Cape)
Vernacular name: not registered

1 reference(s) for Phoenix reclinata Jacq.
Official name: Phoenix reclinata Jacq.
Family: Palmae
Reference VD 17
Author: Dold, A.P. & M.L. Cocks
Title: Traditional veterinary medicine in the Alice district of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. South African Journal of Science 97 , 375–379. (2001)
Symptoms: V(048x)
Recipes: V(048x), roots are mixed with Arctotis arctotoides leaves and boiled for 20 minutes after which the warm liquid is used as a wash to treat footrot (uchwane) in sheep and goats
Region: South Africa
Country: South Africa (Alice district)
Vernacular name: isundu