Temporary suspension of loans

The large-scale renovation of the AfricaMuseum has entered its final phase, and preparations are in full swing for the reopening of the building. As a result of the deadlines imposed by these preparations, the RMCA is obliged to limit external loans. A temporary suspension of such loans will thus be in force until the reopening of the museum. Loan requests that have already been accepted for this period are not affected by this decision. We apologize for the inconvenience and will resume our loan policy at then end of 2018.

The AfricaMuseum has a policy of loaning out objects to associations and institutions, particularly for temporary exhibitions.

Are you preparing a temporary exhibition and would like to borrow one or more objects from the museum?

Send a letter to the museum's Director at least six months prior to the opening of the exhibition, accompanied by the following documents:

Checklist for borrowers  (pdf - 73 kb)

Send your letter to:

Guido Gryseels
Royal Museum for Central Africa
Leuvensesteenweg 13,
3080 Tervuren

If your request is approved, it will be formalised in a loan agreement.

For further information, please contact the Archive and Collection Management Department: