Vivid tales from behind the scenes

(23 September 2011 - 31 August 2012)

The UNCENSORED exhibition takes you with it on a special journey through more than 100 years of the museum’s history.

An audio guide leads you through the permanent collection and part of the famous cellars which are open to the public for the first (and last) time ... Areas which were not previously accessible to the public are opened up and hidden collections are finally out there for all to see.

Amusing anecdotes which make up the museum’s history will be revealed and you will be a party to numerous rumours, tales and juicy gossip.  Hidden aspects come to light, illustrated by never before released films, photographs and interviews.

  • What is a Red Indian doing in a museum about Africa?
  • How was the large elephant killed and stuffed?
  • Where does the buffalo’s coat come from?
  • Why is only a tiny selection of the museum’s collection on display?
  • Have you heard about the museum’s mummies?



Click on the banner to visit the UNCENSORED website (only available in French and Dutch)


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