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Leuvensesteenweg 13
3080 Tervuren - Belgium
Tel. (+32) 02 769 52 11
Fax (+32) 02 769 52 42




The Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) is known for being one of the world’s most beautiful and impressive museums devoted to Africa. Since its founding in 1898, its task has been to preserve and manage collections, carry out scientific research, and disseminate knowledge to a wide audience through its scientific, educational, and museological activities.

The RMCA plays an active role in the sustainable development of Africa, and aspires to be a centre for collaboration and reflection on today's Africa and the challenges it faces.

Our collections, noted for their diversity, are of enormous scientific value and are unique in many ways. Large portions have now been digitised and made available to researchers the world over.

The RMCA also plays a crucial role in numerous projects and networks to which it lends its expertise and specialized knowledge. Each year, RMCA scientists have more than 300 publications to their name.

Thanks to the
Pop-up museum, our educational and cultural activities will continue and our collections will remain in the public eye while the museum building undergoes an extensive renovation. There is a pressing need for the RMCA to shed its old identity as a colonial museum and devote its energies to the Africa of today. The new face of the continent needs to be reflected in the museum’s scenography. To see the detailed renovation plans, visit the ‘Renovation’ section of this site, where you’ll find updated information on the progress of the works.

During the renovation period, the scientific institute will pursue its activities as before, in Tervuren.

Enjoy your virtual visit to our museum!

Guido Gryseels
Director General

For more information on our institution, read our annual reports.


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