(RMCA-African Associations Committee)

The RMCA is continuing its transformation process, with a plan for the renovation of the museum and its exhibition spaces and reforms of the institution, its operations, the definition of its mission and its role both in Belgium and internationally.

The African diasporas in Belgium, especially those from Central Africa, are invited to play a key role in the process of renewing the RMCA. Since 2003, representatives of the communities of Central Africa (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda) have been meeting regularly on COMRAF to discuss and define a policy on cooperation and consultation regarding the institution’s operation and activities.

  • A Charter (pdf 85 kb - in French) articulates COMRAF’s role.
  • COMRAF has a consultative role with respect to the management of the RMCA.
  • COMRAF may make proposals regarding any aspect of the RMCA’s functioning and activities, and particularly (though not exclusively) the content and programming of its exhibitions and its educational and cultural activities.
  • COMRAF has 20 members (pdf 86 kb - in French):
    - nine members from the African associations of Belgium. These have been elected by the General Meeting (pdf 242 kb - in French).
    - three resource people from the African community.
    - five members of the RMCA, appointed by the Director.

RMCA contact person: Isabelle Van Loo

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