Collection management


The section of Collection Management has several projects running concerning
-  the improvement of the preventative conservation of the collections
-  their digitization and the preparation of online access.

  • Improving the preventative conservation of the core collections
    At present the atelier for ethnographic objects mainly focuses on improving conditions for preventative conservation. This means providing the best possible storage for each object and making individual supports for objects which are particularly fragile. This assures that they will keep their original shape and that they will no longer have to be manipulated directly when they need to be moved. At this moment this is being done for the extraordinary collection of masks from Central Africa and soon also the preventative conservation of textiles and objects in metal will be optimized.
  • The development of online access to the photographic collections
    With financial support from the POD Federal Science Policy several photographic collections are in the process of being digitized at this moment. This happens with the old field photographs which before 1928 were managed by the division of Photography and Vulgarization, with the photos of the 'Office Colonial' and with those of Inforcongo and finally with various collections presented to the museum by industrial companies, mission congregations and private individuals.
    At present, these collections are being prepared for scanning outside the museum and the documentation and metadata are being entered into the central collections database. These photographic collections will be made accessible for researchers and the large public via our website.
    Info: Dieter Van Hassel
  • The digitization of the photographic collections of the Congolese National Institutions (2005-2008)
    In collaboration with the University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN), the photographic collections of four national institutions were digitized: those of the National Archives, the National Library, the Institute of the National Museums of Congo (IMNC) and the Congolese National Radio and Television (RTNC).
    The work was carried out by a local team of collaborators of UNIKIN and the national institutions, who have been trained by the RMCA Tervuren.
    The project has received financial support from the Belgian Development Cooperation.
    More information: Hein Vanhee
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