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Damien Delvaux de Fenffe

Earth sciences

Geodynamics and mineral resources

Fiama, S.B.,  Mavonga, G.T.,  Rusangiza, K.,  Kervyn, F. & Delvaux, D. 2017. ‘Seismic attenuation of Coda waves in the volcanic area of Virunga, Occidental Branch of the East African Rifts System: Preliminary Results’. D. Delvaux, C. Michellier, O. Dewitte (eds), Geo-Eco-Trop 41/2, special issue : Geohazards in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa : 187-203. Tervuren : Africa Museum. URL: http://www.geoecotrop.be/  (PR).

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Balegamire, C.,  Michellier, C.,  Muhigwa, J.-B.,  Delvaux, D. & Dewitte, O. 2017. ‘Vulnerability of buildings exposed to landslides: a spatio-temporal assessment in Bukavu (DR Congo)’. Damien DELVAUX, Caroline MICHELLIER, Olivier DEWITTE (eds), Geo-Eco-Trop 41/2, special issue : Geohazards in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa : 151-168. Tervuren : Africamuseum. URL: http://www.geoecotrop.be/  (PR).