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3080 Tervuren - Belgium
Tel. (+32) 02 769 52 11
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International collaborations

Group training sessions

Currently, the RMCA organises several group training sessions:



  • Initiation in wood biology (Lwiro, DR Congo)
    This training includes an introduction in forest ecology and tree growth, basics on wood anatomy, microscope observations, dendrometry, forest botany and mechanisms insuring sustainable forest management, legal timber exploitation and international trade regulations.

    The course will be given in French and is open for participants from DR Congo, Rwanda or Burundi.

    When? 20 March until 3 April 2016 (to be confirmed).
    Where? Centre de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles de Lwiro (South-Kivu, DR Congo).

    Full details:
    - call for applications (pdf 246 Kb, in French).
    Apply before 21 February 2016: closed
    - application form (word doc 76 Kb, in French).


  • Conservation and computerization of the zoology and geology collections
    The RMCA possesses one of the most important collections regarding Central-Africa. They are extremely varied and of an exceptional scientific value.

    The RMCA organizes a training on aspects related to the conservation and computerization of the collection data  and on the conservation of collection objects/specimens in two specific fields: zoology and geology (rocks, minerals and fossils).

    Session 2017: 2 - 27 October 2017, in French
    Full details:
    - call for applications (pdf 122 Kb, in French)
    Apply before 30 June 2017:
    - application form (word doc 195 Kb, in French)
  • Immersion in Historical Archives and Collections
    Every two years, the Colonial History Section organizes an archive immersion programme for young researchers to study the Museum’s collections and historical archives from a new perspective. This programme will enhance knowledge of methodology and theory and immerse participants in the archives and libraries of the RMCA and other federal institution
    > read about the participants of this archive immersion programme since 2007.

    Sessions 2017
  1. 3-16 April 2017: closed
    Full details of the call for applications (criteria, procedures, etc.):
    - appel à candidature (pdf 94 Kb - in French)
    Apply before 15 January 2017: closed
    formulaire de candidature (word doc 256 Kb - in French)
  2. 14 August - 22 September 2017 (dates under reserve)
    Full details of the call for applications (criteria, procedures, etc.):
    - museum/research/collaborations/training/doc/appel-immarch-augsept2017.pdfappel à candidature (pdf 94 Kb - in French)
    Apply before 12 June 2017: closed
    formulaire de candidature (word doc 256 Kb - in French)

  • Georisks: Formation régionale interuniversitaire en géorisques (Bukavu)
    The course will train participants in georisks and show them how to produce information that can be used to raise awareness, advise, and help regional authorities and civil society take these factors into account in their regional development policies for the benefit of the population.
    This is a 2-year post-university non-degree programme, with 210 course hours and practical work in the first year (October 2013-February 2014) and research work with a written dissertation in the second (October 2014-February 2015). It shall be taught at the Université Officielle de Bukavu (UOB) by professors from partner institutions for the most part, with the support of expert geologists and under the RMCA's supervision. 

    2013-2014 session: from 21 October 2013 until 28 February 2014
    Full details of the call for applications (criteria, procedures, etc.):
    - Appel à candidatures (pdf - 310 kB, in French)
    Apply before 12 September 2013: closed
    - Formulaire de candidature (word doc - 75 kB, in French).

  • FishBase and fish taxonomy
    This training session in the use of FishBase (an online fish encyclopaedia) and its various tools has been offered since 2005. It also includes training on the taxonomy of African freshwater fish.
    The course lasts three months, is taught in French or English, and is limited to five participants.
    More about the Fishbase training...

    Training in Cameroon from 14 until 20 September 2017, for residents in Cameroon only
    Full details of the call for applications (criteria, procedures, etc.):
    - Appel à candidatures (pdf - 327 kB, in French)
    Apply before 30 June 2017:
    - Formulaire de candidature (word doc - 857 kB, in French).

    Two scholarships for research visits in 2017

    In order to give the alumni of the past sessions of the “FishBase and Fish taxonomy” training the opportunity to complete the work started during their training, such as publications or tasks related to the identification of species, or to refine the expertise gained, we offer 2 scholarships for research visits (maximum 4 weeks) for the year 2017.

    Download the call for applications (pdf 164kb) and the application form (word doc, 210kb) for the 2017 edition.
    Apply before 28 January 2017: closed 

  • Fruit flies
    There is a long-standing relationship between the Invertebrates Service of the RMCA and the Sokoine Pest Management Center (SPMC) at the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in Tanzania. Over the last decade, collaborative projects (funded by the Belgian Development Cooperation) have resulted in the development of a regional centre of excellence at SUA with regard to fruit fly research.

    The objective of this group training is to ensure, for the sake of the African scientists or the persons confronted with the problem, a basic training on the identification and ecology of African fruit flies that have an economic impact on agriculture.

    The course will take place at the Sokoine Pest Management Center in Tanzania over 13 working days and be taught in English from 4 May 2015 until 20 May 2015:
    - Call fruit flies 2015 (pdf, 70Kb)
    Apply before 27 February 2015: closed
    - Application form fruit flies 2015 (word doc, 82Kb)





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