History and Politics

***While the museum building is closed for
renovation, scientific research continues at Tervuren.***

histpolThe History and Politics Service is a specialist centre for research, documentary resources and knowledge dissemination.

It implements research projects focusing on history and contemporary social and political analysis of Central Africa (19th-21st centuries), crossing the boundaries between several disciplinary approaches.

It collects, documents and presents documents and data discovered, produced and used in connection with this research, in close collaboration with the Archives and Collection Management Service.

Finally, it disseminates its research findings by various channels to a variety of audiences (the scientific community, the specialist public, the general public, policymakers, civil society and the media).

In this way, the service seeks to promote a better understanding of contemporary societies in Central Africa by:

  • analysing their current social and political data;
  • analysing and presenting the historical trajectories of these societies and their colonial and post-independence legacy;
  • providing them with documentary material that will be of use for dealing with future collective issues.


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