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Editors:  Maud DevosJacky Maniacky, Birgit Ricquier
Editorial assistant: Muriel Garsou

The first volume of the series Africana Linguistica appeared in 1962. Ten other issues followed until 1994. The series was initially devoted to the research done at Tervuren’s African Linguistics department, but it was gradually opened up to other scholars. After a gap of twelve years, we have resumed the thread (No. 12 appeared in 2006), but also carried through some editorial and stylistic reforms.

As from number XVII on this journal is co-published with Peeters (Leuven).

Africana Linguistica is dedicated to the study of African languages with special focus on Bantu. The journal welcomes original descriptive, historical and typological papers in phonetics/phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicology and semantics. Contributions on poorly documented and described languages or lesser known language areas as well as those trying to integrate linguistics into interdisciplinary approaches of the African past are highly appreciated. Fellow researchers from Africa are especially encouraged to contribute.



  • Africana Linguistica is a peer-reviewed and internationally oriented journal, covered by the following abstracting/indexing services:

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In conformance with RMCA editorial policy, all contributions are submitted to at least two anonymous peer-reviewers. The editorial team is reinforced by a national committee of associate editors, affiliated to several Belgian universities, and an international editorial board of renowned experts in African linguistics.

  • Africana Linguistica is published once a year and contains 100 to 150 pages per volume.
    Retail price : 18 euro for vol. I to XVI ;  45 euro from vol. XVII on.
    ISSN : 2033-8732
    Please note that the Royal Library of Belgium has decided to assign a common ISSN number to all volumes of our journal. As a result, Africana Linguistica now bears the ISSN 2033-8732 (instead of 0065-4124). This applies retroactively to all volumes starting with volume 1.
  • Associate Editors
    Koen Bostoen (Universiteit Gent)
    Dmitry Idiatov (CNRS - LLACAN, Paris)
    Michael Meeuwis (Universiteit Gent)
    Gilles-Maurice de Schryver (Universiteit Gent)
    Mark Van de Velde (CNRS - LLACAN, Paris)
  • Editorial Board
    1. Yvonne Bastin (Tervuren, Royal Museum for Central Africa)
    2. Herman Batibo (Gaborone, University of Botswana)
    3. Denis Creissels (Lyon, Laboratoire "Dynamique du Langage" / Université de Lyon II)
    4. Gerrit Dimmendaal (Köln, Institut für Afrikanistik)
    5. Laura Downing (Berlin, Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Typologie und Universalienforschung)
    6. Claire Grégoire (Tervuren, Royal Museum for Central Africa)
    7. Tom Güldemann (Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
    8. Larry M. Hyman (Berkeley, University of California)
    9. André Motingea Mangulu (Kinshasa, Institut Pédagogique National)
    10. Maarten Mous (Leiden, Universiteit Leiden)
    11. Gérard Philippson (Paris, Institut national des Langues et Civilisations orientales)


- Volume I (1962)
- Volume II (1965)
- Volume III (1967)
- Volume IV (1970)
- Volume V (1971)
- Volume VI (1975)
- Volume VII (1977)
- Volume VIII (1980)
- Volume IX (1983)
- Volume X (1986)
- Volume XI (1994)
- Volume XII (2006)
- Volume XIII (2007)
- Volume XIV (2008)
- Volume XV (2009)
Volume XVI (2010)
- Volume XVII (2011)
- Volume XVIII (2012)
- Volume XIX (2013)
- Volume XX (2014)
- Volume XXI (2015)
- Volume XXII (2016)
- Volume XXIII (2017)



Contributor guidelines

Africana Linguistica accepts papers in English and French. Authors are requested to strictly follow the guidelines specified in the journal's stylesheet (pdf - 34 kb).
Contributions should be submitted before January 31st to be considered for publication in the same year, both electronically in rtf-format and preferably also in pdf-format to : and in hard copy to : Africana Linguistica, RMCA, Leuvensesteenweg 13, 3080 Tervuren, Belgium.

How to order?

Subscriptions price: 45 Euro (including the online versions access)
Payments should be sent to

Peeters Publishers
Bondgenotenlaan 153
3000 Leuven

To place your order or make an enquiry please contact Peeters Journals Department or Order Department.
Orders are regarded as binding and payments are not refundable.
Subscriptions are accepted and entered by the volume. Claims cannot be considered more than 4 months after publication or date of order, whichever is later.
Please note that printed versions of older volumes (up to and including vol. XVI) will continue to be sold by the RMCA at the old price of 18 euro: ; tel.: +32 2 769 52 08; fax: +32 2 769 55 11; or by regular mail:
Publications Service RMCA
Leuvensesteenweg 13
3080 Tervuren

Moreover, if you would like to be kept promptly and efficiently informed, by e-mail, about the publication of new works in Linguistic, simply return to the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Publications Service, 13 Leuvensesteenweg, 3080 Tervuren, Belgium.
By fax: + 32 (0)2 767 02 42 / by e-mail:



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