12. Music of the Azande

Volume 12  in the series Anthologie de la musique congolaise - RDC

coverAzande.jpgToday, Zande societies are found in three Central African countries: south-eastern Central African Republic, south-western Sudan and sparsely wooded areas of the equatorial forest in north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The Azande might number more than one million. In the DRC, they live along the Uele River, mainly to its north.

Zande music uses pentatonic scales. Song roles and themes vary according to the repertory’s place in society. Court music always deals with the greatness of its chiefs and crowning and mourning them. Popular music is more varied in its themes: from intergenerational conflict to daily life, from friendship to sex, and, of course, love.

Music among the Zande plays a particular social role in that it guides and reassures its listeners. Lyrics are in the Zande language and, exceptionally, Lingala.

- In co-edition with Fonti Musicali. 
- Recordings :  D. Demolin, S. Mondo Mumbanza & F. Michiels
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