Bantu Lexical Reconstructions 3

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BLR 3 is a database with ca. 10,000 entries that have been proposed as Proto-Bantu reconstructions. BLR 3 is meant to be a working tool for Bantuists and other linguists. BLR 3 is not a finished product, it is continuously being updated by its present editors (Yvonne Bastin, Thilo C. Schadeberg). Read more...

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You can also freely download the standalone application of the "Bantu Lexical Reconstructions 3" database here (packed archive):

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Database last updated on : November 6th 2005

Bastin, Yvonne, André Coupez, Evariste Mumba, and Thilo C. Schadeberg (eds) (2002)
Bantu lexical reconstructions 3 / Reconstructions lexicales bantoues 3.
Tervuren: Royal Museum for Central Africa, online database: