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For teachers

For (future) teachers we offer educational material.


Educational Publication: Congo : colonisation / decolonisation. History in documents

 (for teachers)

This richly-illustrated teaching manual, composed of a book and a DVD, uses numerous archival documents including photos, maps, paintings, propaganda material, letters, speeches, testimonials, news reports, feature films, and documentaries. Each document is put in context and linked to other documents, allowing the teacher to analyse them together with the students.

The manual has several parts:
     - three timelines (Congo, Africa, the world) with emphasis on the colonial period;
     - an approach of the major periods of the colonial era: from territorial conquest to decolonisation and independence;
     - a thematic approach of the colonial era in the Congo;
     - contrasting viewpoints on colonisation in the Congo;
     - tools: maps, a glossary and a bibliography.

Price: 26€ + shipping


The old python and the three chickens’ book and CD

(4 > 8 years)

Written, drawn, or sung, the 7 tales in this book are all true stories. They are common, everyday tales that we see or hear somewhere in Africa, stories we swap by the roadside.
A documentary chapter (texts and photos) provides more information.
Children can listen to the tales and a selection of the African songs on the CD.

Free while stocks lasts.
Contact: publications@africamuseum.be




(8 > 12 years)
In addition to geographical information on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Kids website gives primary school-aged children a chance to learn about the daily lives of Congolese children their age.
In these web pages, kids meet Kani, a ten-year-old Congolese boy. Kani and his friends bring them to different places, richly illustrated using photos and videos: the village, the city, the house, the shores of the Congo River, and more.
They can also try their hand at activities like making a ball from found materials, or making a dish according to a recipe.
They can also learn about 15 objects from the museum’s collection in some of the pages.


To purchase publications, contact: publications@africamuseum.be  


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