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The RMCA is still looking for financial assistance for the renovation project. Support from individuals, funds and companies is crucial. 

The Buildings Agency is the contracting authority for the renovation, and as such is providing 66.5 million euros of funding to pay for most of the basic building structure and infrastructure.
For the redevelopment of the museum, we are still looking for alternative financing in the public and private sector. 
If you would like to support this project, there are various tax-friendly ways of doing so.

How will your financial contribution be used? 


Your contribution will be used for the creation of the new permanent exhibition and the creation of the new visitor centre. Specifically, it could be used for restoring stuffed animals, ethnographic objects or murals, building dioramas or installing educational spaces, lighting or multimedia equipment, to give just a few examples.

Contact : nancy.vaneyck@ africamuseum.be or 02 769 52 39





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