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Leuvensesteenweg 13
3080 Tervuren - Belgium
Tel. (+32) 02 769 52 11
Fax (+32) 02 769 52 42




Become a part of the history of the Royal Museum for Central Africa and make a donation or bequest!


Your donation


If you would like to make a donation or give financial support as a private person to the museum in a tax-friendly way, you can do so using a project account managed by the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF). 

Conscious of the real needs of projects run by civil society and the increasing desire for donor involvement in projects, the KBF wishes to encourage solidarity. By means of the project account system, the Foundation offers donors the opportunity to show their generosity. 

You can help with the restoration, renovation and redevelopment of the Royal Museum for Central Africa in two ways:

Donors can also be confident that their money will be used wisely, and will receive a tax certificate for any donation of € 40 or more. 


Your bequest



You can also make a bequest to the RMCA by including your donation in a will.

One of the core missions of the museum is the conservation and management of unique and world-renowned collections. Passing on this heritage to future generations requires a continuous process of restoration and conservation, both of which require significant financial resources. The support of generous donors helps make this possible.

Arrangements for your donations must be included in a will. Such bequests to the RMCA must comply with specific conditions.

Account number for the payment of your bequest: IBAN: BE21 6792 0078 0603 – BIC: PCHQBEBB

For more information about bequests, consult the Guide des Dons et Legs or www.testament.be and www.notaire.be.
Contactperson : nancy.vaneyck@africamuseum.be or 02 769 52 39


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