Culture and Society


The service handles several specialist databases, including:

  • In social anthropology:
    The RMCA Social Sciences and Humanities Documentation Centre offers more than 50,000 references to articles and works that have been read and analysed, and is updated regularly. 
  • In linguistics:
    • With nearly 10,000 entries and counting, Bantu Lexical Reconstructions is the world’s largest lexical database of proposed Proto-Bantu reconstructions. Its updates depend directly on developments in comparative linguistics research.
    • The Comparative Bantu Pottery Vocabulary database offers a comprehensive collection of pottery-related vocabulary in the Bantu languages.
    • Lexicostatistic study Bantu languages
      Data collected for:
      Bastin Y., Coupez A. & Mann M. 1999. Continuity and Divergence in the Bantu languages: perspectives from a lexicostatistic study. Tervuren: Royal Museum for Central Africa.
  • In musicology:
    DEKKMMA is the RMCA database of sound archives featuring the vast collection of 8,600 musical instruments as well as the sound recordings available at the museum.

    The European project MIMO (Musical Instrument Museums Online) is a digitization project which aims at creating an online access point to the collections of eleven of Europe’s most important musical instruments museums.
    Check out our musical instruments online!
  • In art:
    Modern plastic arts in Lubumbashi.
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