Title:Compilation of a bilingual dictionary Fang-French and French-Fang
Description:This project, which has the Fang-French and French-Fang dictionary of Samuel Galley (1964) as starting point involves the six dialects of Fang as they are spoken in Gabon today: Ntumu, Atsi, Mvèny, Mekè, Nzaman and Okak.
The dictionary will be based on the Atsi dialect, but will take the other dialects into account as well. The goal of this work is to provide the speakers of Fang and researchers with an up to date working tool. Compiled by means of the Tswanelex program, the dictionary will count ± 15.000 entries.
Duration: begin : 2005 - end : 2009
Staff: Jacky Maniacky
External partners:Dr. Yolande Nzang-Bie (Université Omar Bongo / GRELACO / MRAC)
Phone:32 2 769 5673

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