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Scientific personnel

  • Jacky Maniacky, head of service, linguistics
    Description and comparison of Bantu languages (sub-equatorial Africa). Bantu linguistic heritage outside Africa (Latin America, USA).
  • Sabine Bompuku Eyenga-Cornelis, archaeology and art history
    Colonial art in DRC – Jewish community and interculturality, past and present, in DRC – art and spirituality in Mongo country, between tradition and modernity – Iconography of Christ and Christianity between the West and Africa, with DRC as a case study.
  • Bambi Ceuppens, anthropology
    Congolese popular culture in Congo and Belgium, Congolese diaspora in Belgium, Belgo-Congolese history in Belgium and the Congo.
  • Maud Devos, linguistics
    Description and comparison of Bantu languages. Swahili, its early history (Mozambique) and continuing expansion (DRC, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi).
  • Rémy Jadinon, musicology
    Contextualization of Central African music traditions. Field work focusing on the popular repertoire of Mitsogho ngombi harps in Gabon.
  • Cristiana Panella, social anthropology
    Informal and illegal transnational trade (networks, value chains, moral economies, social and political construction of norms), ‘critical heritage’, materiality/corporality, opacity/transparency, construction of the ‘genuine’ and the ‘counterfeit’ (West Africa, Italy, and transnational connections).
  • Hein Vanhee, history
    Precolonial and colonial history of Central Africa; interaction of local chiefs with the colonial government and missions.

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