AfricaMuseum Podcast

Talking Objects

Join us as we walk around the labs, offices and archives of the Royal Museum for Central Africa to meet the scientists who work here. In this podcast series we explore the fascinating story behind eight objects. Each object was carefully picked by a researcher. Some objects are on display in the museum while others belong to the nitty-gritty of everyday research, but they all carry a bit of the researchers' passion for their field.


  • grave_460.JPG

    #1: Things are not always what they seem: a Central African Tutankhamun’s grave

    How can archaeologists interpret what they see, and also what they don’t see? We dig deep into the story of a Central African grave with archaeologist Alexandre Livingstone-Smith.

    Reconstruction of grave T53. Very rich burial from the Classic Kisalian period. Sanga, Upemba, Haut-Lomami, DR Congo. Kisalian Culture 900-1200 AD. Earthenware, metals (iron, copper), stone, bone. Excavation J. Nenquin, 1957. PO.0.0.79491-PO.0.0.79565

  • #2: From log to timber in the Congolese rainforest

    We look at the giant log of an immensely popular timber species. In this episode, we tackle the heavy business of finding a delicate balance between the international timber trade and sustainable forest management with expert Nils Bourland (RMCA, Center for International Forestry Research and Research & Solutions Development).

    Afrormosia. Stem disc. Compagnie Forestière de Transformation (CFT), Province Orientale, DR Congo. S.d. Wood (Pericopsis elata). Gift from CFT, 2015. Inv. TW6882.