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Spotlight on the collections

Spotlight on the collections

Cast your eyes over a series of 27 collections on various themes relating to history and cultural anthropology.

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    The museum's history

    The rich and fascinating history of the museum, from Leopold II to the present day.

  • Origin of the collections

    Origin of the collections

    How did the vast heritage of the AfricaMuseum end up in Tervuren?

Science news:

  • A small tree is not always a young tree

    A small tree is not always a young tree

    Forest giants have long been considered the oldest trees in tropical forests. Research now shows that small trees can grow older than the big ones, and therefore hold on to longer-term carbon. This finding has important consequences for forest policy in the tropics.

  • Sardines of Lake Tanganyika Prove One And Indivisible

    Sardines of Lake Tanganyika Prove One And Indivisible

    The sardines from Lake Tanganyika (Africa) form one homogeneous group, according to a genetic study. This implies that the four countries around the lake will have to team up to maintain the overfished sardines.

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    Board game teaches Goma residents about geological hazards

    The board game ‘Hazagora’ was designed to give players knowledge and strategies to cope with geological hazards. RMCA geographer Caroline Michellier puts it to the test by organizing courses for secondary school teachers in the city of Goma, Nord Kivu.

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 Latest publications:

  • making of

    The Making of. The renovation of the Royal Museum for Central Africa

    Special issue

    Publishers: BAI and the RMCA

    ISBN : 978-9-0858-6780-7

    25 €

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    Unrivalled Art. Spellbinding Artefacts at the Royal Museum for Central Africa

    Series “Collections of the RMCA”, special issue

    Published by BAI and the RMCA, A copublication with Philippe de Moerloose

    ISBN : 978-9-0858-6776-0

    25 €

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    Jean Omasombo (ed.) et al.

    Collection « Monographies des provinces de la République démocratique du Congo », vol. 11

    Publishers: Royal Museum for Central Africa
    2 volumes in a box

    ISBN : 978-9-4926-6907-0 0

    55 €