• The AfricaMuseum follows the federal COVID-guidelines and welcomes both individual visitors and groups of adults (max. 4 adults). Groups of children (max. 10 children) under the age of twelve are welcome for an interactive guided tour, a general guided tour or a Birthday workshop. 
  • As of March 15th, schools are again allowed to organize excursions. Guided tours and workshops can be booked for a maximum of 24 students or one class bubble per activity. For a safe visit, please consult the measures published by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles or Vlaanderen-onderwijs.
  • Guided tours and workshops can be purchased online at least two weeks in advance. If you would like to visit us earlier for a guided tour or workshop, please contact our reservation service by e-mail or by phone (02 769 52 00).


Workshops for kids

  • Workshop Growing up

    Growing up


    2nd-3rd level primary school
    kids 9-12

  • workshop music for kids



    2nd year & 2nd-3rd level primary school
    kids 7-12

  • workshop birthday for kids

    Birthday workshop


    Kids 7-12


Workshops for young people

  • Workshop Music on the move for teenagers

    Music on the move

    1st-2nd-3rd level secondary school
    teenagers 12-18

  • workshop history for teenagers

    Congo-Belgium: a complex history

    Workshop history

    2nd-3rd level secondary school
    teenagers 17-18