Internships and scientific visits

Study visits and individual internships



Second Transnational Access Call of SYNTHESYS+

The call will provide funded researcher access to collections, libraries and facilities for state-of-the-art microscopy, physical, chemical & molecular analysis. The grant include both bench fees and contribution to travel and subsistence costs.

Deadline for applications is 26 March 2020, 17:00 UK time and awarded visits must take place within 12 months of results being announced.

For further information and any queries please visit the SYNTHESYS website.



Grants for African students and researchers

Thanks to the support of the Belgian Development Cooperation agency (DGD), we have grants for group internships in various disciplines.

These internships are for young African scientists.

  • Training on wood biology

    Wood biology

    Introductory workshop on wood biology and its importance in forest management and conservation.

  • Workshop on the use of FishBase and on the taxonomy of African fish

    FishBase and fish taxonomy

    Workshop on the use of FishBase and on the taxonomy of African fish.

  • Workshop on the Conservation of museum zoology collections

    Conservation of museum zoology collections

    Workshop on the taxonomy of echinoderms and macroalgae and on their inclusion in collections according to international curation standards.

  • Workshop on the taxonomy and systematics of African fruit fies

    Taxonomy and systematics of African pollinating flies

    Workshop on the identification and ecology of African flies that have an importance in pollination.

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