Artists in residence

  • Arnaud Makalou

    Spring 2022

  • Nada Tshibwabwa

    Nada Tshibwabwa

    14 February - 7 May 2022

  • Lenyema Okiteke

    Lenyema Okiteke

    3 November - 21 December 2021

  • David Bangiricenge

    David Bangiricenge

    1 July 2019 - 31 July 2020


  • Ghislain Ditshekedi Mabalia

    Ghislain Ditshekedi Mabalia

    9 June - 29 June 2019

  • Géraldine Tobe

    Géraldine Tobe

    8 April - 22 June 2019



Since 2008 the AfricaMuseum has been welcoming artists from Central Africa, who want to study and work on and with the collections. Depending on financial and technical availability, this research framework is open to artists from all communities, along with researchers, authors, journalists and critics interested in the collections in general. 

The renovation of the museum not only concerns the buildings, but also our view of colonial history, the collections, and access to them. As part of this work to open up and make the museum's collections accessible, artists are essential resources. As such, during the design phase of the new permanent exhibition, the integration of contemporary visual art seemed an obvious choice. 

Every year, the museum offers one or more residencies. The residency is funded by DGD (Directorate-general Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid) and is open to artists and cultural actors from the African continent. 
The residency has a duration of 1 month (minimum) to 3 months (maximum), and concerns research involving the museum's collections or fields of work.
Costs of travel, accommodation, per diem, fees, and access to a studio are covered up to a maximum amount of 10,000 euros.
The residency will be subject to a study and research agreement.
Applications may be submitted to

On request, the museum's collections are also open to artist-researchers: