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    Interactive map

    Discover the museum's wide-ranging collection and exhibitions. Watch video's from the permanent exhibition and go deeper with podcasts, online conferences, etc.

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    Join us each month for an exciting talk.

  • AfricaMuseum Podcast

    AfricaMuseum Podcast

    In the podcast series ‘Talking Objects’ we explore the fascinating story behind eight objects with museum scientists.

  • Spotlight on the collections


    Cast your eyes over a series of 27 collections on various themes relating to history and cultural anthropology.

  • online exhibition CADES@AfricaMuseum


    Discover the virtual exhibition made by students from the CADES group (KU Leuven).

  • The museum's history

    The museum's history

    The rich and fascinating history of the museum, from Leopold II to the present day.

  • Renovation


    Follow the museum’s metamorphosis from 2013 to 2018.

  • Restitution policy

    Restitution policy

    Read the restitution policy of the AfricaMuseum. 
    In French or in Dutch.

  • AfricaTube


    Find out about the interactive, young and digital Africa of today.

  • Stemmen van Afrika

    Stemmen van Afrika

    Stemmen van Afrika is a website about African languages, created by a team of linguists and Africa experts. The website is in Dutch.

 Latest publications:

  • mineralogy

    The Type Mineralogy of Africa

    Florias Mees

    Tervuren African Geoscience Collection, vol. 110

    Publisher: RMCA

    ISBN : 978-9-4926-6918-6

    30 €

    648 p.

  • artsanspareil

    Unrivalled Art. Spellbinding Artefacts at the Royal Museum for Central Africa

    Series “Collections of the RMCA”, special issue

    Published by BAI and the RMCA, A copublication with Philippe de Moerloose

    ISBN : 978-9-0858-6776-0

    25 €

  • artsanspareil

    The Birds of Cameroon. Their status and distribution

    Marc Languy

    Series « Studies in Afrotropical Zoology », vol. 299

    Publisher: RMCA (Partnership with the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences)

    ISBN : 978-9-4926-6958-2

    568 p., ca. 500 photos

    40 €