• Interactive map

    Interactive map

    Discover the museum's wide-ranging collection and exhibitions. Watch video's from the permanent exhibition and go deeper with podcasts, online conferences, etc.

  • MuseumTalks


    Join us each month for an exciting talk.

  • Before turning the page...

    Before turning the page...

    This series of articles presents some stories from the history of Belgium and the Congo, which are often little known to the Belgian public.

  • Spotlight on the collections


    Cast your eyes over a series of 27 collections on various themes relating to history and cultural anthropology.

  • Webinars


    Watch online debates.

  • AfricaMuseum Podcast

    AfricaMuseum Podcast

    In the podcast series ‘Talking Objects’ we explore the fascinating story behind eight objects with museum scientists.

  • The museum's history

    The museum's history

    The history of the museum, from Leopold II to the present day.

  • Renovation


    Follow the museum’s metamorphosis from 2013 to 2018.

  • Restitution policy

    Restitution policy

    Read the restitution policy of the AfricaMuseum. 
    In French or in Dutch.

  • AfricaTube


    Find out about the interactive, young and digital Africa of today.

  • Stemmen van Afrika

    Stemmen van Afrika

    Stemmen van Afrika is a website about African languages, created by a team of linguists and Africa experts. The website is in Dutch.

  • online exhibition CADES@AfricaMuseum


    Discover the virtual exhibition made by students from the CADES group (KU Leuven).

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