Film discussions

  • Stop Filming Us - webinar

    Stop Filming Us

    The question arises whether a Western filmmaker is able to capture anything of truth about RD Congo.Do Western ‘good intentions’ only cause destruction and frustration?

    Debate with Wendy Bashi, Joris Postema, Ganza Buroko, Bambi Ceuppens, Nelson Makengo & Renzo Martens.

  • The Last Male on Earth - webinar

    The Last Male on Earth

    How far should people go to save an endangered species? Will African megafauna soon only exist in zoos, or as frozen sperm and egg cells? And what about the often-dominant presence of Europeans in African conservation projects?

    Debate with Wendy Bashi, Floor van der Meulen, Corneille Ewango, Tim Bouts & Mercy Ashepet.