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Official name : Citrus sp.
Family : Rutaceae

14 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HA 10
Author(s) : Adjanohoun, E., L. Ake Assi
Title : Contribution au recensement des plantes médicinales de Côte d'Ivoire. Centre Nat. Florist. Univ. Abidjan, 358 p., (1979)
Symptoms : H(051)
Recipes : H(051), leaves of Annona muricata, boutons floraux de Citrus sp., infusion, VO.
Region : West Africa
Country : Ivory Coast
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HB 28
Author(s) : Banderembako Fabien & Ntitangirageza Térence
Title : La médecine populaire au Burundi : quelques plantes médicinales.
Symptoms : H(051)
Recipes : H(051) fever, sap of leaves of Dodonaea viscosa of Lagenaria rufa of Mitragyna rubrostipulata of Mitragyna rubrostipulata of Eucalyptus sp. of Citrus sp., VO. + steam bath of leaves
Region : Central Africa
Country : Burundi
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference HB 50
Author(s) : Bruschi, P., , M. Morganti, M. Mancini, M. A. Signorini
Title : Traditional healers and laypeople: A qualitative and quantitative approach to local knowledge on medicinal plants in Muda (Mozambique) Journal of Ethnopharmacology 138, 543– 563, (2011)
Symptoms : H(037)
Recipes : H(037) cough, leaves of Citrus sp. decoction, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Mozambique (Muda)
Vernacular name : mufurungu (Chindau)
Reference HB 52
Author(s) : Bhat, R.B., A. A. Adeloye & E.O. Etejere
Title : Some Medicinal Plants of Nigeria Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany, Vol. 6 N° 1 (1985)
Symptoms : H(051), H(051x)
Recipes : H(051) fever, bulk of Mangifera indica, laeves of Cymbopogon citratus, barks of Citrus sp. and leaves of Alchornea cordifolia are cooked for 3-4 hours in earthen pots.The decoction is used as a bath and VO. (1/2 cup for children and a full cup for adults
H(051x) yellow fever, leaves and roots of Eupatorium odoratum, leaves of Citrus sp., barks of Mangifera indica in decoction, bath and VO. , 1/2 cup for children and a full cup for adults 3X / Day
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference HD 07
Author(s) : Durand, J.M.
Title : Les plantes bienfaisantes du Ruanda et de l'Urundi. Astrida, Groupe scolaire, 89 p., (1960)
Symptoms : H(091)
Recipes : H(091) weaknesses of old women, infusion of leaves. VO. 1 cup hot, morning, afternoon, evening during 3 weeks Plant names from the work of Durand have been encoded from Kinyarwanda names. Confusions are possible.
Region : Central Africa
Country : Rwanda
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HD 39
Author(s) : De Wildeman, É.
Title : A Propos de Médicaments Indigènes Congolais Institut Royal Colonial Belge. Section des Sciences naturelles et Médicales Mémoires.-Collection in-8°. Tome III, fascicule 3. (1935)
Symptoms : H(053)
Recipes : H(053) otitis,orange juice (Citrus sp.) in the ear.
Region : West and Central Africa
Country : Belgian Congo
Vernacular name : not registered by the authors
Reference HK 59
Author(s) : Kwenzi-Mikala. J. (Prof.) & S. Mbadinga (Dr.)
Title : Pharmacopée et médecine traditionnelles chez les Pygmées du Gabon Barimba et Baghama (Nyanga), Babongo (Ngounié, Ogooué Lolo et Haut Ogooué ) et les Bakoya (Ogooué Ivindo) Programme : Société-Nature chez les Pygmées du Gabon. (UNESCO publication)
Symptoms : H(008)
Recipes : H(008) dysentery and diarrhea, decoction of leaves of Cassia hirsuta of Citrus sp., VO. (recipe Barimba)
Region : West Africa
Country : Gabon
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference HK 79
Author(s) : Kimpouni, V., M-Y Lenga-Sacadura, J. C. Mamboueni, E. N.Mikoko
Title : Phytodiversite et Pharmacopée Traditionnelle de la communauté Kaamba de Madingou (Bouenza - Congo) European Scientific Journal, Vol.14, No.3, January 2018 edition URL:
Symptoms : H(018)
Recipes : H(018, 1) head that heats, leaves of Citrus ? (L.) Osbeck., decoction, VO.
Region : West Africa
Country : Congo (Popular republic) (Brazzaville)
Vernacular name : oranger
Reference HL 32
Author(s) : Lautenschläger, T., M. Monizi , M. Pedro, J. L. Mandombe, M. Futuro Bránquima, C. Heinze and C. Neinhuis
Title : First large-scale ethnobotanical survey in the province of Uíge, northern Angola Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 14:51 (2018)
Symptoms : H(015), H(095), H(100), H(171)
Recipes : H(015) bloody urin, roots, maceration, VO.
H(095) cake fruit
H(095) lemonade, fruit, VO.
H(100) gonnorrhe Rroots decoction, VO.
H(171) diabetes roots decoction, VO.
Region : West Africa
Country : Angola (province de Uíge)
Vernacular name : limão (Portuguese), lala dia nsa (Kikongo)
Reference HR 56
Author(s) : Rakotonandrasana, S., R. Rakotondrafara, R. Rakotondrajaona, V. Rasamison, M. Ratsimbason
Title : Plantes médicinales des formations végétales de la baie de Rigny-Antsiranana à Madagascar Bois et Forèts des tropiques, N° 331 (1) (2017)
Symptoms : H(051), H(104)
Recipes : H(051) paludism, H(104) stomach aches, decoction of leaves of Citrus sp., VO.
Region : Madagascar
Country : Madagascar (Bay of Rigny-Antsiranana)
Vernacular name : tsoha
Reference HR 57
Author(s) : Randrianarivony, T. N., A. V. Ramarosandratana , T.H. Andriamihajarivo, F. Rakotoarivony, V. H. Jeannoda, A. Randrianasolo and R. W. Bussmann
Title : The most used medicinal plants by communities in Mahaboboka, Amboronabo, Mikoboka, Southwestern, Madagascar Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 13:19 (2017) DOI 10.1186/s13002-017-0147-x
Symptoms : H(018), H(046), H(068), H(108)
Recipes : H(018) headache, leaves of Citrus sp.decoction VO.. bathe and steam inhale
H(046) measles, leaves decoction VO. and bathe
H(068) flu, H(108) cold, fruit pressed and drink the juice
H(068) flu, H(108) cold, leaves, decoction drunk
Region : Madagascar
Country : Southwestern Madagascar
Vernacular name : tsoa
Reference HS 52
Author(s) : Sattler, C., M. Razafindravao
Title : Les outils novateurs de protection et de valorisation des patrimoines culturels et naturels liés aux plantes médicinales : jardin pédagogique, recueil ethnobotanique et éducation populaire Ethnopharmacologia n°58, octobre 2017, pp .44-60 Bulletin de la société française d'ethnopharmacologie et de la société européenne d'ethnopharmacologie
Symptoms : H(037), H(051), H(108), H(118)
Recipes : H(037) cough, H(051) fever, H(108) influenza, H(118) angina, leaves, fruit of Citrus sp.
Region : Madagascar
Country : Madagascar (Tampolo forest)
Vernacular name : voangidy (betsimisaraka)
Reference HT 53
Author(s) : Terashima, H., M. Ichikawa
Title : A comparative ethnobotany of the Mbuti and Efe hunter-gatherers in Itury forest, Democratic Republic of Congo African Study Monographs, 24(1, 2): 1-168, (2003) *partially encoded*
Symptoms : H(095)
Recipes : H(095) The lemon-like fruits of "limokocha" = Citrus sp. are eaten raw, tasting like cultivated lemons, called “a wild lemon” (Efe Pygmies in Ituri forest)
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Itury forest)
Vernacular name : limokocha, ndimokocha (Efe Pygmies, Ituri forest)
Reference VG 25
Author(s) : Gradé, J.T., J. R.S. Tabuti, P.Van Damme
Title : Ethnoveterinary knowledge in pastoral Karamoja, Uganda Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 122, pp. 273–293 (2009)
Symptoms : V(059)
Recipes : Vb(059) rindpest (lolelo), roots of Citrus sp. In paste in enema (receipt from the Pian tribe)
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda (Karamoja of northern Uganda)
Vernacular name : amacunga (Ngakarimojong)