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Official name : Commiphora erythraea (Ehrenb.) Engl.
Family : Burseraceae

4 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference VB 17
Author(s) : Bekalo, I., M. Keengwe, E. Mathias, P. Mundy & al.
Title : ITDG and IIRR. Ethnoveterinary medicine in Kenya.A field manual of traditional animal health care practice.Intermediate Technology Development Group and International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Nairobi, Kenya, 226 p., (1996)
Symptoms : V(004), V(013), V(014), V(039), V(106), V(124)
Recipes : V(013)navel, if infection, to make an incision with a knife crossed(spent) in the flame, to express the pus. The juice of the plant is cured and hunts the flies ---Vb (013) , Vch (013) ,Vc (013) ,Vo (013) , 1 handfull of gun + 50 ml. H2O, decoction on abscess which was made an incision and was emptied of its pus
Vb(004) +Vb(106) +Vb(124), Vch(004) +Vch (106) +Vch(124), Vc(004) + Vc(106) +Vc(124), Vo(004) +Vo(106) +Vo(124), Vb(014), Vch(014), Vc(014), Vo(014), to extract the gum arabic (habak cadad )+ 1 glass H2O, the dough on wound
V(106)fumigation, gum, mosquitoes
Vch(039)+ Vch(106), Vb(039)+ Vb(106), Veq(039)+ Veq(106), Vc(039)+ Vc(106), Vo(039)+ Vo(106), again ticks, Commiphora erythraea , gum (hagar) + Commiphora incisa, gum(damaji), goms + urine of camel
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya (Somali)
Vernacular name : hagar (Somali)
Reference VE 05
Author(s) : Eshetu G. R. , T. A. Dejene, L. B. Telila and D. F. Bekele
Title : Ethnoveterinary medicinal plants: Preparation and application methods by traditional healers in selected districts of southern Ethiopia. Vet World. May; 8(5): 674–684. (2015)
Symptoms : V(039)
Recipes : Vr(039) external parasitism, Mix the sap of the plant of Commiphora erythraea with water and applied for 3 days, daily
V(039) to remove the foreign materials: Collect the sap of the plant and apply to the parts of the body (muscle) having get foreign materials inserted
Region : East Africa
Country : southern Ethiopia
Vernacular name : hagarsu (Oromiffa)
Reference VH 6k
Author(s) : Heine, B. & M. Brenzinger
Title : Plant concepts and plant use .An ethnobotanical survey of the semi-arid and arid lands of East Africa.Part 4: Plant of the Borana (Ethiopia and Kenya).296 p., Band 9 (1988) Kolner Beiträge zur Entwicklungsländerforschung / Cologne Development StudiesVerlag breitenbach Publishers, Saarbrücken, Fort Lauderdale
Symptoms : V(014)
Recipes : V(014), scabies (c'itto f); stlr gum (urm m) in cold water, wash body or apply to wounds
Region : East Africa
Country : Ethiopia & Kenya
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference VS 20
Author(s) : Sori, T., M. Bekana, G. Adugna, E. Kelbessa
Title : Medicinal Plants in the Ethnoveterinary Practices of Borana Pastoralists, Southern Ethiopia Intern J. Appl. Res. Vet .Med., Vol. 2, No. 3 (2004)
Symptoms : V(014), V(030), V(047), V(098)
Recipes : V(014) skin diseases, paste of gum of Commiphora erythraea, topical
V(030) retained fetal membrane, bark infusion, VO.
V(047) cowdriasis or heartwater disease, infusion of gum / resin, VO.
V(098) foot rot, paste of gum / resin, topical
Region : East Africa
Country : Ethiopia (Southern)
Vernacular name : agarsu (Borana language)