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Official name : Euphorbia magnicapsula S. Carter
Family : Euphorbiaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference VB 17
Author(s) : Bekalo, I., M. Keengwe, E. Mathias, P. Mundy & al.
Title : ITDG and IIRR. Ethnoveterinary medicine in Kenya.A field manual of traditional animal health care practice.Intermediate Technology Development Group and International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Nairobi, Kenya, 226 p., (1996)
Symptoms : V(036), V(048), V(100)
Recipes : Vc(036), Vo(036), 1kgr. pounded roots + 5 kgr H2O, maceration 12 H, VO. , 2l. every 2 days
Vch(048)hooves, Vb(048)hooves, Vc(048)hooves, Vo(048)hooves , Euphorbia magnicapsula , Aloe sp., Grewia villosa, stems, fumigation for hoofs
Vch(100, f), V‚q(100, f), Vb(100, f), Vc(100, f), Vo(100, f), whole plant, crossed in the flame to dry out the latex, to remoce thorns, pounded 500 gr. / 1l. H2O maceration 6 h., VO. Male bearer of the disease is not affected, but well the female
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya (Turkana)
Vernacular name : emus (Turkana)