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Official name : Indigofera schimperi Jaub. & Spach
Family : Fabaceae
Synonyms : Indigofera tettensis Klotzsch.

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HS 12c
Author(s) : Samuelsson G., M. H. Faraha, Per Claeson, M. Hagos, M. Thulin, O. Hedberg, A. M. Warfa, A. O. Hassan, A. H. Elmi , A. D. Abdurahman, A. S. Elmi, Y. A. Abdie & M. H. Alin
Title : Inventory of plants used in traditional medicine in Somalia. III. Plants of the families Lauraceae - Papilionaceae. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 37, pp. 93 - 112, (1992)
Symptoms : H(139)
Recipes : H(139), temporary impotence, root mixed with salt is eaten every one and half hours during the day
Region : East Africa
Country : Somalia
Vernacular name : geed-guduuka
Reference VS 05
Author(s) : Shun Sato
Title : Pastoral movements and the subsistence unit of the rendille of Northern Kenya: with special reference to camel ecology. Senri Ethnological Studies, n° 6, (1980 )
Symptoms : V(002)
Recipes : V(002), ONS., RNS., improve the savour of the milk
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya
Vernacular name : hanuhanis