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Official name : Lantana viburnoides (Forsk.) Vahl
Family : Verbenaceae

7 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HA 29 d
Author(s) : M. Ichikawa
Title : The Suiei Ndorobo, the hunter-gatherers in the Mathew's Range of northern Kenya in : AFLORA on the Web ( The database of traditional plant utilization in AfricaCenter for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Symptoms : H(027z)
Recipes : H(027z), whole plant soaked in water and used as medicine for a pregnant woman
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya (Northern)
Vernacular name : lyongoriai (Dorobo) (Suiei)
Reference HC 13f
Author(s) : Chabra, S.C., R.L.A. Mahunnah & E.N. Mshiu
Title : Plants used in traditional medicine in Eastern Tanzania.VI. Angiosperms (Sapotaceae to Zingiberaceae). Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 39, pp. 83 - 103, (1993)
Symptoms : H(157)
Recipes : H(157), roots, decoction (H2O), VO.
H(157) childs, decoction (H2O) of roots of Capsicum frutescens, Flueggea virosa, Harrisonia abyssinica, Lantana viburnoides, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania (East)
Vernacular name : mshwee (Zaramo)
Reference HD 12b
Author(s) : Desta, B.
Title : Ethiopian traditional herbal drugs.Part II: Antimicrobial activity of 63 medicinal plants. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 39, pp.129 - 139, (1993)
Symptoms : H(037)
Recipes : H(037) lung infection, leaves, RNS.
Region : East Africa
Country : Ethiopia
Vernacular name : kessie
Reference HH 06c
Author(s) : Hedberg I., O. Hedberg, P.J. Madati, K.E. Mshigeni, E.N. Mshiu & G. Samuelsson
Title : Inventory of plants used in traditional medicine in Tanzania. III. Plants of the families Papilionaceae - Vitaceae. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 9, pp. 237 - 260 (1983)
Symptoms : H(033)
Recipes : H(033) sterility women, roots of Lantana viburnoides + Vernonia lasiopus (mhasha), decoction (H2O), RNS.
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania
Vernacular name : mvuti (Lushoto district)
Reference HH 18
Author(s) : Hassan-Abdallah, A., A. Merito, S. Hassan, D. Aboubaker, M. Djama, Z. Asfaw, E. Kelbessa
Title : Medicinal plants andt heir uses by the people in the Region of Randa, Djibouti Journal of Ethnopharmacology 148 701–713, (2013)
Symptoms : H(051)
Recipes : H(051) fevers, soaking fresh leaves of Lantana viburnoides in H2O and the H2O is used as shower bat
Region : East Africa
Country : Djibouti (Region of Randa)
Vernacular name : arraba dattos (Geez ?)
Reference HL 15
Author(s) : Lulekal, E., E. Kelbessa, T. Bekele, H. Yineger
Title : An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in Mana Angetu District, southeastern Ethiopia. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine , Volume 4 : 10 (2008) + Additional file
Symptoms : H(126), H(201)
Recipes : H(126) jaundice (shinbira), dried roots of Lantana viburnoides, crush
H(201) evil eye (buda), fresh or dried roots and leaves, crush boil and VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Southeastern Ethiopia (Mana Angetu District)
Vernacular name : medandubra (Afaan Oromo)
Reference VM 09
Author(s) : Minja, M.M.J.
Title : The Maasai Wonder Plants. People and Plants training workshop held at the Tropical Pesticides Research Institute, Arusha, Tanzania, 15th – 18th march 1999.
Symptoms : V(041)
Recipes : Vb(041), leaves + stem, decoction, blackquarter
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania (Simanjiro country)
Vernacular name : emagirigir, iani (Maasai)