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Official name : Lepidobotrys staudtii Engl.
Family : Lepidobotryaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HS 03
Author(s) : Sillans, R.
Title : Sur quelques plantes médicinales de l'Afrique centrale. Rev. Bot. Appl. Agric.Trop., 31, 407 - 427, (1951)
Symptoms : H(001)
Recipes : H(001) painful conjunctivitis. Scrape the root, moisten with water, let macerate for a long time and express the liquid in the eye, which becomes hot. Renew twice a day until the redness of the eyes disappears.
H(007) diuretic, ONS de Lepidobotrys staudtii, RNS.
Region : Central Africa
Country : Central African Republic (Oubangui-Chari)
Vernacular name : mongindanginda (Lissongo)